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Fire King In Store Specials
Originating in the 1940s 'Fire King' ovenware has gained a cult following for its simplicity of design, ergonomic feel and range of colours, patterns and designs. 

Produced from 1942 until the 70s, Fire King was a low-cost product similar to ’Pyrex’ mass-produced by the Anchor Hocking company, intended as cheap everyday tableware. Fire King items were often given away at petrol stations as a promotional 'freebie', sold in bags of flour or produce as a marketing technique, much like the ubiquitous toy in a box of cereal or 'Happy Meal' with an intention to 'collect' the set.
Fast becoming the most popular item sold by Anchor Hocking, there was a time when every home in America was sure to have a piece of Fire Stone glassware. As times and tastes changed, these sets became tarnished with a sense of kitsch-cheapness, a remnant of the simpler times of your grandparents and forsaken to charity shops and house-clearance sales.
Much lost or simply thrown away, these sets have become highly collectable due to their timeless appeal, character and subtle design. 

We have been lucky enough to source some of the most desirable of the Fire King products by Anchor Hocking: their 'Jadeite' collection is possibly the most desirable of the colours produced; a rich translucent jade colour aimed at the restaurant market and produced in a heavier weight for frequent use and to withstand the wear and tear of restaurant life. 
With a beautifully refined design, the mugs have subtly curved lines and a pleasurably tactile, chunky 'C' grip handle.  

Available in-store only.