Duke Kahanamoku

Duke Kahanamoku was an Olympic Swimmer from Hawaii who competed in four Olympic Games (1912-1924) and won various gold medals. Often considered the Father of modern surfing, helping promote the sport and advising on the governance and promotion.

In the 1930's Duke had an affiliation with Kahala Sportswear, a maker of Hawaiian shirts and in 1949 he had his name on shirts by Cisco, a major player in the New York garment game. These are highly sought after & collectible these days, and are often found in the hands of dedicated dealers & vintage purists. 

These days Duke's line is produced in Japan by Toyo Enterprises, the brainchild behind the legendary Sun Surf Hawaiian Shirts. Replicating original designs in their archive from different periods and matching the labels, these are an authentic reproduction of a true Hawaiian classic.