A.G. Spalding & Bros

A.G. Spalding & Bros is an American sporting manufacturer started in Chicago in 1876. They are true innovators in their field and have become synonymous with manufacturing across a great breadth of sports from American Football to Baseball and more recently and possibly most famously the NBA.

Spalding were also famous for production of quality sporting goods back in the day for sportswear teams and we can see examples of early 1920's-1930's training sweatshirts, often produced in wool or cotton that have now become collectors items. These styles and construction methods became the standard for sweatshirt production and have deservedly been coined 'Pioneers'. 

Now produced in Japan, they develop products that fit the modern day taking into account all design and manufacturing details from their archive collection. Manufactured on vintage hanging knitting machines in Wakayama, these are a true testament to garments over 100 years old, manufactured the only way loopwheel sweatshirts can be in Japan.