One Ear Brand

Started by Osaka based Bandana connoisseur, Jonathan Lukacek, the One Ear Brand aims to be much more than just a bandana brand. The One Ear brand began in 2021, after years of collecting the rarest, most sought after bandanas and endless amounts of knowledge on the subject.

Using custom made fabrics which took 10 years to develop, in a wide 90x90cm selvedge cotton, One Ear Bandannas are made entirely in Japan, printed one at a time meaning that each is slightly different from the last. 

Inspired by the big “Turkey Red” bandanas of the 1800’s, these bandanas are designed for more than just accenting an outfit; they make great Eco-Bags, Face Masks, Scarves, Furoshiki (Traditional Japanese Wrapping Cloths), Head Wraps and much more. 

With the Bandana as her canvas each piece is drawn by one artist, Japanese- American- Yurika Cherise Shikai. 

The name is a reference to one of histories most famous artists, the one with only One Ear, you know who we mean.