Addict Clothes Japan

Started by Satoshi Ishijima, Addict Clothing grew out of his passion for vintage British motorcycles and motorcycle clothing from the 1920s to '70s which he began trading in, sourcing dead-stock vintage Belstaffs and interesting, rare leather jackets for like-minded enthusiasts. 

Satoshi broadened his scope to manufacturing and used his talent of finding rare and vintage items to sourcing perfect components for his new brand; picking leathers and oiled cotton matching the vintage examples he had handled; where necessary manufacturing from scratch impossible to find parts, such as the zippers, crafted and die-casting by hand to original vintage designs.

The word 'Vintage' is key to Satoshi Ishijima and the beginning and key to Addict Clothing, each item is produced to an incredible highly detailed standard, with each component specially sourced and produced to make each item a fitting tribute to the golden age of British motorcycling and a cherished possession of the seasoned rider.