"KUON" comes from the Japanese words for "far past and future" or "forever". While steeped in appreciation for the history of clothing and a deep knowledge of vintage textiles, KUON focus their collections around classic menswear silhouettes elevated by thoughtful construction. 

Opting to differ from fashion's usual emphasis on mass production, KUON intentionally employ meticulous traditional techniques to craft and dye of their garments. Natural Japanese Indigo, mud dye, sashiko stitching, vintage boro patchwork and re-worked boro fabrics are all utilised by KUON. Up there with one of their go-to techniques is Sakiori, a traditional technique weaving used recycled fabrics. 

KUON are able to sustainably craft clothing through their knowledge and appreciation of vintage garments allowing for their collections and garments to grow on the owner over time. 

KUON Cross Sashiko Cap White/Black-Hat-Clutch Cafe On sale
KUON Moleskin Wide Trousers Olive-Trousers-Clutch Cafe On sale
KUON Cross Sashiko Shirt Navy-Shirt-Clutch Cafe On sale