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Redg Weeks Invada Records Playlist

Good friend of the store Redg, Co-owner of independent record label Invada Records shares 32 tracks with us forming our first Winter Playlist. 

Thanks to Scott from Clutch for asking me to do this playlist. It’s been a longtime since I’ve visited the store - it’s actually been an eternity since I last was in London !

Invada Records is our record label based in Bristol & we specialise in film & television soundtracks / scores as well as alternative artists, acts & bands from all over the planet.

We’ve been fortunate to have released projects & albums over the years by the likes of PJ Harvey,  Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, BEAK>,  Clint Mansell, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross,  Mica Levi, Jonny Greenwood as well as a lot of my business & label partner Geoff Barrow’s film score work.

My music tastes are not genre defined & they vary from day to day, so what you have here is a playlist reflective of the mood I felt that particular day. Lots of contemporary acts like Oneohtrixpoint Never, Gazelle Twin, Ulver & Blanck Mass alongside some classic artists such as Neil Young, Bob Dylan & The Cure ; I’ve then thrown in  some film score cuts from the likes of Warren Ellis, Daniel Lopatin & Pj Harvey. 

With playlists you can end up going down the rabbit hole of one style or genre, on this compilation I tried to keep things a little varied and not too one dimensional.

I hope you find a track or two here you enjoy & then explore further, that side of discovering music is still a great pastime of mine.

Clutch Cafe London Invada Records Winter Playlist