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Warehouse 700C


In September last year we launched our first collaboration , the Warehouse & Co. 700c, and we are still very proud fo it...

A mainstay of the brand's core denim lineup, the Warehouse 700 was, until a few years ago, a key piece in their collection. When the chance came for us to collaborate with them and produce the Warehouse 700C there was no need to think twice about it. The Warehouse 700C is exclusive to Clutch Cafe London and limited to 50 pairs worldwide, each complete with a running number of 1-50. 

We have been wearing ours since  of 2018 and wanted to share the results after a year of wear (all be it not every day). These have been given one soak in the bath to remove initial shrinkage, shortened a little and have seen three washes in the machine.

Washing jeans is a much debated practise here at Clutch Cafe but we firmly believe in doing so. Washing will allow the jean to live longer, protecting the fabric and will provide the wearer with a slightly more authentic fade. If you follow these short, simple points you can't go far wrong:


  • Turn the denim inside out
  • Set washing machine to cold 
  • Set washing machine to low spin cycle (if possible)
  • Use one capsule of the Premium Denim Wash
  • Once the wash cycle is complete simply air dry

Thanks to all those who have purchased a pair in the last twelve months - we are now down to our last remaining pair! We would like to see all those who have been wearing a pair of the 700C's to post their fading examples. Keep us updated with the hashtag #CCselvedgestyle. Please also email us images to info@clutch-cafe.com stating how many wears, washes and anything interesting you may have encountered whilst wearing the 700C! We'll re-post some of our favourites via Instagram as well as documenting our pairs. A winner will be announced in due course and will win £249 credit to spend in store or online.