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Traditionally worn by indigenous North Americans for hunting and walking on rocky and hard terrain, the Moccasin shoe was typically made from a single piece of deer or elk hide, wrapped around the foot and sewn together at the top. Moccasins have been adapted and updated since their creation in the 1800’s and have inspired many styles we’re familiar with today, including the Moc Toe work boot and the Penny Loafer. The latter was picked up by stylish Ivy League students of the 60’s as a quintessential part of their wardrobes.

Yuketen are a brand that need little introduction, they are truly master moccasin makers, who still produce their shoes in the traditional way in their small factory in Maine.

Pictures courtesy of Yuketen

The process of crafting a pair of Yuketen’s is a slow one, sometimes taking up to 120 hours. Each stage of the process; the tanning of the hides, the clicking (cutting the leather), the lasting and finally the sewing is all performed by a knowledgeable pair of hands.

Yuketen shoes are built using only the finest quality components.
Their leathers are sourced from across the world. Their smooth and silky full-grain flesh-out leather and suedes are tanned in Toscana, Italy, whilst their vegetable-tanned leathers hail from from Mexico, using only natural energy and resources.

Their oiled leathers are soured from one of America’s oldest and most recognised tanneries, Horween. 

Horween employ similar philosophies to Yuketen, with all of their leathers produced the old way, using formulas from the early 1900’s to tan their hides. Yuketen often use Horween’s Chromexcel leather, which undergoes 89 processes and takes 28 days to complete. You can read more about the tanning process of Horween’s Chromexcel here

Each pair of Yuketen shoes are made using a beeswax coated thread, an awl and needles to hand sew the upper together. 

So wether you're out hunting for black bear in the wilderness, or just a flat white from your local, a trusty pair of Yukten is always on hand to get the job done with style.