One Piece of Rock

One Piece of Rock pride themselves in creating authentic denim capturing the spirit of the American good ol' days. The brand was created by Yoshiaki Konaka whilst seeking a new perspective on vintage clothing and modern production, with end goal of combining the two. Ultimately drawn to the profound character and charisma of 100 year old garments, Konaka san began to question how to make this viable in modern day production. 
Conners Sewing Factory was established in Yokaichi, Shiga Prefecture in 2013, providing the working environment that enabled One Piece of Rock to come to life. Tucked away in a small-town neighbourhood, this unique one-of-a-kind factory is where Konaka san has developed the handmade product line, The Original. His dedication and enthusiasm for vintage denim shines through in every detail from sewing to finishing and to top it off each piece is crafted by hand, by Kanaka san himself.

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