Warehouse x Rocky Moutain Featherbed

Lovingly recreated by Warehouse & Co. Japan, Rocky Mountain Featherbed originally appeared in the 1960's; a creation of Francies Schaefer in Wyoming. Eternally referred to as the 'Cowboy Sate' Francis "Cub" Schaefer grew up with a love for the outdoors becoming an avid woodsman and survivalist. Taking influences from older companies using the reasonably new clothing technology of down insulated nylon quilting Cub set about creating a line of clothing fit for outdoor life with a clear 'cowboy' aesthetic using western shoulder yolk detailing. 

Quickly proving itself to be a staple of the Colorado mountains used by ranchers, ski instructors and becoming an icon of the American West through the 70's the brand sadly slipped into obscurity by the mid to late 80's and disappeared. 

The brand was revived in 2005 by 35 Summers Co. LTD after they extensively researched the history of the brand and started reproducing as well as reimagining a creating new pieces with the same  outdoorsman styling of the original company that Francies Schaefer created. 

This range is a collaboration between 35 Summers Co. and Warehouse & Co. of Japan