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AW'21/22 Winter Lookbook - Part II

Winter '21


Part II

Our Latest Collection

Clutch Cafe AW '21 Lookbook

We are very pleased to launch our final lookbook for autumn and winter 2021, albeit now 2022. Much later than originally intended, we hope you still enjoy the end product; showcasing the style and ethos which we will always strive for... even if a day late and a buck short. 

 Accompanying, is a playlist of songs to set the mood and ease you into the weekend. 

 Better late than never, we hope to you enjoy what follows.   

Jacket: Buzz Rickson's, Jeans: Anatomica, Knitwear Heimat, Boots: Models Own

Coat: Cohérence, Jeans: Full Count, Knitwear: Heimat, Shoes: Alden

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Vest: Rocky Mountain Featherbed, Knitwear: Chamula, Jeans: Jelado, Socks: Rototo, Footwear: Paraboot

Parka: Rocky Mountain Featherbed, Jeans: Full Count,  Cap: H.W Dog, Footwear: Danner

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 Jacket: Pherrow's , Shirt: Jelado, Jeans: Anatomica: Socks: Chup, Footwear: Sanders 

 Jacket: Rocky Mountain Featherbed , Knitwear: Heimat, Trousers: Soundman, Footwear: Yuketen

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Rocky Mountain Featherbed - Mountain Parka

 Coat: Cohérence, Shirt: Full Count, Knitwear: Belafonte, Trousers: Soundman, Footwear: Alden

 Jacket: Buzz Rickson's, Knitwear: Malloch's, Jeans: Anatomica, Footwear: Alden

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Vest: Rocky Mountain Featherbed, Knitwear: Heimat, Jeans: Full Count, Hat: H.W Dog, Footwear: Yuketen

Vest: Rocky Mountain Featherbed, Shirt & Jeans: Jelado, Footwear: Paraboot

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Coat: Soundman Shirt: Full Count, Vest: Brown's Beach, Trousers: Anatomica, Footwear: Alden  

Jacket: Rocky Mountain Feather Bed, Sweatshirt: Cushman, Jeans: Full Count, Cap: Poten, Scarf Indigo People, Footwear: Models Own

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Jacket: Buzz Rickson's, Knitwear: Heimat, Trousers: Anatomica, Footwear: Alden, Bag: Porter 

Jacket: Jelado, Hoody: Pherrow's, Jeans: Warehouse & Co., Footwear: Yuketen

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Photography: Alex Natt 

Styling & Production: Ben Chamberlain

AW Lookbook Part I.

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