Oji Japanese Style Coffee Dripper – Clutch Cafe  
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Oji Japanese Style Coffee Dripper

The story of Japanese coffee began during the 17th & 18th centuries when Dutch and Portuguese traders brought it into the port town of Nagasaki. It wasn't, however, until the Meiji period that coffee culture in Japan developed, coinciding with the national desire of Westernisation. Flash forward to 2018 and Japan has become one of the largest consumers of coffee in the world, importing more than 930 million pounds per year.   

Coffee culture in Japan concentrates largely on filtered coffee rather than Espresso and on clarity over body. This is where the Oji slow drip coffee tower makes an appearance. Taking anywhere up to 16 hours to brew, one drip at a time from the chamber at the top, the coffee produced in this cold brew is more aromatic, bright and delicate than the flavours of espresso. 
We have acquired an Oji slow drop coffee tower for Clutch Cafe and have incorporated this into our cafe menu.


For this coffee, we're using "Mr Natural" by Dark Arts, picked in Ethiopia and roasted in Hackney. With this you'll find notes of yellow pear, pink marshmallows and strawberry yoghurt, with a white grape acidity.