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Ragtop & More Fury Deck Vest

Originally released in 2015, we are lucky enough have secured the last batch of Deck Vest produced by Dave of Ragtop Vintage &  Choco George of More Fury.

 The initial concept for designing our Deck Vest was conceived on one of many vintage clothing searches/safaris on the west coast of the USA. Whilst digging through the vast piles of discarded clothing, hunting for the items that are treasured by collectors and designers, I was struck by the huge amount of waste.

One item that seemed to have no value or use was the US Navy cold weather dungaree. Whilst constructed from the same bombproof outer shell of Jungle cloth as the coveted N1 Deck jacket, these heavy wool lined bibs seemed to have no practical use for today’s vintage clothing aficionado. Constructed in the late 1940s as part of a working uniform, consisting of; jacket, hood and dungaree-trousers, these dungarees were just too bulky and heavy for any practical civilian use,- unlike the N1 deck jacket which is perennially popular and fast becoming a modern menswear staple.

 I decided to create a true utilitarian garment from this fabric.

 I decided to create a true utilitarian garment from this fabric.

The N1 deck jacket has an impeccable pedigree adopted by many tribes from the counter culture, hot-rodders, outlaw bikers, anti-war protestors and beatnik film stars.

I wished to create a garment that never existed historically but if it had would have found a natural home on the backs of dry lake hot-rodders and members of the audience at the Altamont festival.

Using the original 1940’s fabric gives each garment an individual story. Each piece is unique with its own personal fading, stencilling and patina that can only be achieved over decades.

Every vest is made from a single pair of US Navy dungarees painstakingly picked apart into its constituent parts. We then had them cut and sewn in London and we sourced vintage buttons and zippers to compliment each garment. This has made each item a true original with no two being quite the same.

 From the rag yards of California I salvaged historical fabric that was otherwise destined for the landfill and created a garment that will stand up to years of use and comfort.

I hope you enjoy your new Deck Vest Buena Ventura!

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