Rocky Mountain Featherbed x Clutch Cafe Down Vest  
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Rocky Mountain Featherbed x Clutch Cafe Vest 

For this Autumn Winter, we've collaborated with Rocky Mountain Featherbed to produce an exclusive colourway in their popular Down Vest.

Rocky Mountain Featherbed was founded in Wyoming (the Cowboy State) in the late 1960's. RMFB created its iconic down vest with a seamless single-piece leather yoke for cowboys and their down vests became infamous for their cold-proof and heat-retaining features like those of feather beds. In 2005 35 Summers Ltd in Japan acquired the license to manufacture and re-create these unique and iconic garments down to every exact detail, using the rights to distribute the branded name.

Before acquiring the Rocky Mountain Featherbed Label, archivist, vintage collector, and founder of 35 Summers Ltd, Kinji Teramoto had spent the previous 20 years collecting original examples of Rocky Mountain Featherbed. His archive of these pieces now exceeds over 100 garments and inspires the collection today. They reproduce the company’s signature down vests as well as other traditional styles of outdoor clothing perfectly at home in a late 60’s – 70’s camping scene.

We’ve opted to go for a ‘brick’ shade of nylon, taken from an original example that has faded over time to the perfect shade of ‘vintage apricot’. Having gone through Kinji’s archive we settled on re-producing this colourway to best showcase the originality of Rocky Mountain Featherbed and to bring a bit of colour to our Autumn/Winter collections. Vintage swatches of nylon were closely studied to best suit the original example, settling on "Brick", which over time will best replicate this ‘vintage apricot’ we instantly fell for. This true example of an Americana classic is specially made for Clutch Café and only available through our online and physical store.

Limited in numbers, this is running on a small pre-order from September 18th and will end when they land from Japan, in the first few weeks of October. All remaining stock will be available to purchase thereafter.