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Lightweight Outerwear to take you into Autumn in style

We've put together a small collection of outfits for a bit of trans-seasonal styling inspiration, because as much as we love summer we're excited for winter and all the jacket wearing opportunities it brings.

Featuring Metallica inspired Chore Jackets, lightweight lemon Nylon Parkas and Okinawan Yakuza vibes. 

 Featuring hand drawn designs by Full Count owner Miki San. Inspired by Princetonian Beer Drinking Jackets, originally conceived to protect students prized Ivy League wears from drunken spillages. These often were adorned with the Princeton Mascot (a tiger) or stencilled with inside jokes.

Sad But True

Perhaps this in reference to summer being almost over or maybe Miki San is a true Metallica fan

A new brand for us this Spring Summer is Gold, part of the Toyo Enterprises family.
Made from a lightweight Ventile fabric, the Gold Snow parka is ironically the perfect jacket for the unpredictable UK summers, where we might have record breaking temperatures one minute and record breaking downpours the next. 
The Italian Snow Parka by Gold is inspired by vintage style military designs issued to various European Military divisions. Normally issued in white, these were designed and used as camouflage in heavy winter/snow conditions. 

The excellent Real McCoy's Sports Coat is part of our first foray into tailored jackets. Made in a left hand twill, West Point fabric, this beige beauty instantly reminded us of the well dressed Japanese Gangsters in Takeshi Kitano's 'Sonatine'. A 90's Japanese cinema classic in which a bunch of Tokyo based Yakuza are sent to the tropical island of Okinawa to end a gang war. Eagle eyed watchers might spot an array of Sun Surf shirts (of which we still have a few sizes left).

'Sonatine'- Takeshi Kitano

Made from a lightweight 12oz Denim.

Interchangeable brass branded buttons.

Inspired by work coveralls from the 40's/ 50's.

Drawing inspiration from the US Army P-43 jacket worn by French Novelist Boris Vian (famous for his publication of crime fiction novels),  who was pictured wearing one in Saint-Tropez in 1953. 

35 Summers have pulled Sear's obscure 'Braggin' Dragon' label out of the 80's and given it the much needed love it deserves. 

Made in Japan from a tightly woven Typewriter cloth and styled on Vintage Golfing jackets. 

Anatomica x Wakouwa Nylon Parka Lemon

This lightweight, nautical yellow parka is based on mid century sailing jackets. Perfect for breaking the wind on deck or as a mid layer to add a pop of colour to your autumnal outfits. Complete the deckhand look with a pair of Wakouwa Sneakers.

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